About me

We are a relatively new company; however, Lone Wolf Custom Paint is coming full circle for me as a designer, painter, artist. A lifetime of painting, designing, graphics, tattooing and photography for both work and pleasure have culminated in this passion to surface and dictate my most recent direction.

My Philosophy is that the surface of a helmet, bike or car are simply a canvas for expression, style and statement.

As with many things in life, the battle to win starts in the mind. A statement on your helmet shows that spirit to your competition, spectators and companies looking for their next representative. Get recognised. Be remembered.

Personal Touch

It is my belief that the identity on the exterior should reflect the drive and commitment to your mission on the exterior. Your helmet, bike or fairing is a window into your our mid set. The right statement can put you physiologically ahead of the race. Demonstrating your determination, style and personality. Our aim is to tailor your ideas to create a paint identity that gets you seen.


We have taken years to train under some of the worlds finest paint, body, airbrush and custom paint specialists such as Simon Murray, Mick Manuel, Craig Fraser. Giving an all round knowledge base to pull from to ensure the highest finish possible for the week needed.


Coming from a Graffiti background and building an excellent reputation with Ink Kings tattoo studio. We are used to putting a different spin on many design styles.

Sponsored Athlete

“Tony’s work definitely turns heads. His eye to detail and dedication to getting the design his client wants is second to none. Each step through the process he is in contact, making sure he creates exactly what you envisage. The final products are a thing of beauty, and are truly unique.”