Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions

Please read the full Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding with your purchase from TURaceDesigns.

1.1 A non refundable … deposit is required in order to book a paintwork slot with TURaceDesigns. 

1.2 Once paintwork is complete, the remaining balance must be paid and cleared, prior to the product being despatched. 

1.3 For payment, we accept cash, bank transfer or PayPal

1.4 TURaceDesigns provide the custom paintwork only, any helmets, bikes etc. must be purchased by the customer prior to delivering to TURaceDesigns


2.1 TURaceDesigns will not put any other logo, other than your own business/personal logo on to the product due to copyright. Product due to copyright without 3rd party company permission for sponsored rider/driver or personnel.

2.2  It is the customers responsibility to provide a high resolution image/vector file of the logo requested. 

2.3  The TU Race Designs log’s and brands will be placed on each product. We have the right to refuse/cancel a booking should you refuse the logo on your product. A reusable by you for us to include our logo, mid paintwork, would mean us painting your helmet back to white and sending back to you. Any work carried out and the cost to revert back to white will be chargeable to you.

2.4  You can count on us to create a unique piece of work, we will not knowingly replicate. Our designs will be like no other and we will not replicate/copy someone else’s work. 

2.5 3D objects and changes may be necessary.


3.1  We recommend starting with a brand new, unpainted product, as this receives the best results. We can work from used products however may need to charge extra preparation fees, depending on the condition of the product. 

3.2  Take care of your finished product! Not looking after your product can quickly cause damage to paintwork.

3.3  Any repairs for damage caused by yourself would be chargeable to you and you will need to book in for the next available paint slot. We give ourselves 14 working days to complete each paint job, therefore this means you will have to wait the allocated time. 


4.0 Shipping will always be by secure signed and recorded mail or courier shipping cost will be calculated depending on size, weight and final destination. This cost will be added to the final total.

4.1 We will release the helmet on receipt of final payment into our account.

Once you have a full understanding of our Terms and Conditions, lets get creative!